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Sex, Sleep, and Supplements: Testosterone Trifecta

Updated: Jan 9

Here are three strategies that you can incorporate into your routine to effectively elevate your testosterone levels and promote overall well-being.

Alright, let's talk about a hormone hero – testosterone! It's not just about flexing muscles; it's the key to feeling like a superhero in your life. And guess what? Boosting it involves a delightful dance between the sheets, some serious shut-eye, and a sprinkle of supplement magic. Buckle up as I share my testosterone trifecta!


Yep, you heard it right – more action in the bedroom equals more testosterone in your system. Studies show that a good sex life pumps up those testosterone levels. Consider this your official excuse to Netflix and chill. Your body will high-five you from the inside and say, "Thanks for the t-boost, champ!"


Your bed just became the VIP section in the nightclub of life. Quality sleep is the backstage pass to testosterone stardom. Dive into dreamland, hit the REM stage, and let your hormones throw a wild party while you're catching those Z's. Establish a consistent sleep routine where you get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

"Testosterone production starts to rise when you first fall asleep, and production reaches its peak during your first REM"Jeff Kahn, M.S., Rise Science Co-Founder


Optimizing testosterone levels requires a strategic game plan to support the body's hormone production. Think of it like crafting a winning team with star players such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Omega-3, and Magnesium. However, before you draft players (go out and buy any Supplements), it's vital to consult with a medical coach aka your healthcare professional.

Now, go out there and let the testosterone boosting begin!

Emmanuel Ofori - eMotivates

Your friendly neighbourhood fitness professional

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