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When is the Best Time to Exercise?

Updated: Feb 26

Choosing the right time to exercise is as complex as assembling IKEA furniture with no instructions. It involves considering factors like energy levels, daily schedules, and mental readiness.The perfect time will check all the boxes in the physical, mental and emotional categories. Balancing personal preferences, external commitments, and your body's natural rhythms.  

morning workouts

Science suggests that exercising in the morning, especially on an empty stomach, is found to be effective for burning stored fat. This is because the body's hormonal composition in the morning supports fat metabolism making it beneficial for weight loss. Research indicates that in the morning, elevated cortisol and growth hormone levels help the body draw energy from fat reserves and aid in appetite suppression throughout the day, potentially contributing to weight management. Additionally, exercising in the morning can regulate the body's internal clock, leading to increased alertness in the morning and better sleep at night.

afternoon workouts

For those who prefer later workouts, exercise in the afternoon is a good alternative, especially for longer or more intense routines. Eating meals before an afternoon workout can boost blood sugar levels, supporting higher-intensity workouts. Afternoon workouts can also help prevent an end-of-the-day energy slump.

Evening workouts

Evening workouts, while convenient for many, were traditionally thought to interfere with sleep. However, recent evidence suggests that as long as there is a 1-3 hour gap between exercising and bedtime, it may not disrupt sleep patterns. Nighttime workouts might even contribute to weight loss by reducing levels of the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin over time.

The most crucial aspect is finding a time that aligns with your schedule and personal preferences, as any time of day can be beneficial for staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember, before starting any new workout, give your friendly neighbourhood fitness professional a shout.

Emmanuel Ofori - eMotivates

Your friendly neighbourhood fitness professional

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