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Three Tips to Lose Weight

Have you ever found yourself wondering about this mysterious process of shedding weight? Are you curious about the secrets to achieving successful weight loss and maintaining it over time? Do you wonder how to check your weight without feeling discouraged? Perhaps you're seeking strategies to step onto the scale each day without feeling like you're entering a daily wrestling match. Here I will share three different ways that you can improve your weight loss journey. Ensuring you have a better chance of achieving a successful shedding season.

Check Your Weight

It's important to monitor your weight regularly for successful weight loss. Studies show that keeping track consistently leads to better results. However, weighing yourself every day might be discouraging due to natural changes. To get an accurate and motivating assessment, it's recommended to weigh yourself once a week at the same time, ideally in the same clothes, using the same scale. This helps minimize differences, giving a more reliable view of your progress over time, focusing on long-term trends rather than day-to-day changes.

Keeping a Food Log

Writing down your food choices is a helpful practice for better awareness. A food diary makes you more conscious of what you eat, how much, and when. This often results in eating fewer calories because you're more mindful. Studies support that people who consistently keep a food diary tend to lose more weight compared to those who don't.

Limiting your alcohol to Weekends

Limiting your alcohol intake is a wise choice for both health and fitness. Alcohol is considered "empty calories," providing energy without significant nutritional value. A bottle of beer contains about 153 calories, and a glass of wine has around 125 calories. To strike a balance, reserve alcoholic drinks for weekends, with a suggested limit of one daily drink for women and no more than two for men. This not only helps manage calorie intake but also encourages mindful and moderate consumption for overall well-being. Cheers to making informed and healthy choices!

So make sure to prioritize the monitoring of your weight, maintaining a food journal, and limiting alcohol intake to weekends promotes not only a healthier lifestyle but also helps manage calorie intake. By incorporating these three tips into your routine, you enhance your chances of achieving and sustaining a successful shedding season. Cheers to a healthier and more mindful approach to weight loss! Remember, if you don’t know where to start, consult your local fitness professional. 

Emmanuel Ofori - eMotivates

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