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practices and protocols

New Practices and Protocols:

  • Members, clients & patients are required to book facility visits in advance to ensure we stay within our strict capacity limits and allow for recommended social distancing. You can book your visit by messaging me or your trainer.

  • When you book your visit you’ll receive a confirmation email with health screening questions. If you’re a yes to any of the questions then cancel the appointment & self isolate as recommended by Public Health, but if you’re a no to the questions then come on in.

  • You’ll have to wear a mask to enter the facility, while navigating the halls & change rooms and until you get to your workout spot, then you can remove the mask and workout. Staff will wear face masks while training & treating the public.


  • You’ll also have to sign a declaration of wellness each time you enter the facility at the front desk and sanitize your hands at the wall mounted hand sanitizer station.

  • The Front door will be an entrance only door and the side door will be an exit only door to avoid bottlenecks at the front door.

  • Sanitization spray bottles & paper towels are provided throughout the facility & you or your trainer will be required to wipe all equipment down before you use it. This way you can guarantee the equipment is safe.

  • Change rooms will have a capacity limit of two people at a time. Showers are unavailable at this time. Doors will remain open for ventilation purposes, but you can change in the bathroom stalls.

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