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Advantage 4 Athletes Clinic is Re-Opened

A4A Therapy Clinic is now booking appointments!

Hello to all valued clients, The Advantage 4 Athletes Therapy Clinic is now open and booking patients.  We are excited to welcome you back.  Of course there will be some changes with respect to many safety concerns.  We will still strive to get you back to optimal health and give you a great clinical experience. Your cooperation with these procedures is greatly appreciated. We are available for booking, however, we appreciate in advance your patience as we will operate with less than full staff capacity. Please call us at to book.  

Once you book, pay close attention to your booking email which outlines the new procedures and to the pre-screening email that will arrive 2 hours prior to your appointment.  This must be completed, and submitted before entering the clinic. We look forward to seeing you

Please note this is a one time notification of our reopening, and is being sent only to existing and past patients of the Advantage 4 Athletes Therapy Clinic.  We respect your email and will only send future communications to those that have opted in to our emails.  Please unsubscribe if this email no longer applies to you.

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